At Wheel Art, our team offers a complete service adapted to our products. This is why a 6-month warranty is applied for each purchase of rims that you make.

The repair and renovation of rims will be done with our partner company AUTO AK located in the 94 in Villeneuve-le-Roi. However, regulations will have to be respected for each vehicle deposit with a purchase guarantee from our workshop.

First of all, please contact us before starting any procedure concerning the guarantee, repair or renovation with our partner company.

Regulations :

- The application of the guarantee during a repair or renovation will not be valid if the deadline for this is exceeded.

- The application of the warranty will not be carried out if the failure comes from an ancillary part and then causes damage to the rim.

- The application of the guarantee will not take place during a repair or renovation if the rims have not been purchased from our workshop.

- The application of the warranty will only take place upon presentation of a valid document (invoice, proof of purchase) during the renovation and/or repair.

- The rim exchange will only be done if the repair and/or renovation is deemed impossible after a diagnosis by our team. However, for this specificity, the warranty will only be half applicable, the customer will therefore have to pay half the price of the new rim.